Our Doctors

Our doctors will make sure you and your loved ones receive the best possible care, both for specific health concerns and your general wellbeing.

Dr Min Ye

Dr Min is recently worked as a Medical Registrar in Mackay Base Hospital, Queensland.

He started his internship in 2016 at Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar which is the most major tertiary centre in the whole country. He had the chance to practice in many specialties including:

Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and others subspecialties.

He has been working in the Australian Health Care System since March 2020 and has done many minor procedures such as skin excision, biopsy, lipoma removal, breast lump surgery and some minor surgical procedures like Appendectomy, Ascites Tapping, Pleural Aspiration and Lumbar Puncture.

Moreover, he has completed many audits, professional development and clinical education development participations.

Dr. Min is greatly interested in travelling, food & hanging out with friends. Of course, he has his own ambitions and aims to be a respectable & experienced General Practitioner, who can look after his patients and ensure they leave the clinic with smiles.

Dr Min is also sure that once you get to talk with him for a few minutes he is a cool and funny guy!

Dr Alaa El Cheikh Ali


Dr Alaa is a graduate of the University of Balamand. He completed his internship in General Medicine in 2015 at Saint George Hospital University Medical Centre. He holds the certificate of the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

Dr Alaa has worked for several years as a GP at the United Nations clinics (UN). He also has worked in various hospitals and GP practices across Australia before settling in Goulburn.

Dr Alaa is interested in research and he is currently working on: Stroke Guideline Development in Collaboration with FACTCATS.

Dr Alaa has an endless passion for general practice and creating lasting relationships with patients and their families. He is able to adapt to each patient and treat them with the respect and dignity they need.

Special interests.

  • Men’s & Women’s Health
  • Paediatric Health
  • Chronic diseases
  • Mental health
  • Immunisation
  • Travel medicine

Dr Bahareh Agha Mohammadi

General Practitioner

Dr. Bahareh finished medical school in Iran in 2007 and currently working as General Practitioner.

Her area of interest:

  • Women’s health.
  • Mental health
  • Chronic condition management
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Pregnancy shared care
  • Health assessments